Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Queen's Birthday Weekend

Now, now, I know I was getting grouchy that we didn't get a Jubilee weekend holiday, but we do get Queen's Birthday weekend every year, which is more then I can say about my UK counterparts! This long weekend, Mace has contracted yet another awesome crèche cold, so going out in the cold, which indeed it was, was definitely a no-no!

Saturday we had a lovely lunch with my girls and their partners, Sunday swimming lessons (only for Marley) then off to the shops, and Monday Marley and I went to the zoo together... Girls day out!!! It took some convincing, she wanted to wait for Mace to be better so we could all go together (bless her little heart), I promised that we will go back when he is... The pros of being a Friend of the Zoo!
It was a really nice time, aside from it being freezing and foggy... Marley walked for 2 hours before she got tired, I love the age 3! It's awesome! Strangely the animals seemed thrilled with the weather, lots and lots of activity, was really nice to see...

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