Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Invictus Movie

When I first read about this release I had no care for it, but seeing the shorts I was interested... So we checked it out... A few points for starters:
if you like rugby you will like this film
if you like rugby and an inspirational story you will like this film
if you like inspirational stories and don't mind rugby you will like this film
if you like inspirational stories and don't like rugby you might not like this film
I fall into that last category... I thought I would love it, it has a great cast, looks good, but there was far too much actual rugby for me to get into it... I had hoped due to my interest in football I might be able to transfer some sporting interest, but that didn't happen! Overlooking the rugby (hard to do) it was great, and I can see why people would enjoy it!

Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

It was suggested by Mark that now I am a football fan I might like to read this book... I was thinking that I really enjoyed the film adaption 'The Perfect Catch' starring Drew Barrymore, I may like it... To begin, I don't know how the screen writers or whoever got that film from that book!

The book itself felt looong... There were definite moments I could feel like I related, but mostly it felt quite self indulgent, if you didn't support the gunners then maybe you were better off not reading it... It probably would have sat better if it wasn't so team/player specific, because I couldn't care less about the styles of players in the EPL 20 years ago... However if you are a fan of EPL, EPL history or Arsenal, you should definitely read it!

Up In The Air Movie

This was recommended to me by a friend... So I blame you Kelly, haha, not really it wasn't so bad...
The concept of this story I was in to... George Clooney did a great job, which is to be expected... And right up to the last minutes I was sucked in, going through the motions with him... Then it ends... With no closure, no wrap up and no happy ending... I have reached a point in my life where I am 'soft' I like a happy ending... I felt a bit ripped off... But I did enjoy the film, so I guess the job was done...

Valentines Day Movie

Okay, I wasn't thinking this was going to be great, yet somehow I convinced Mark to sit with me and watch this all star cast do...nothing... Absolutely nothing happened in this film... Absolute snoozefest, waste of a night... We didn't even finish it, with 40 minutes to go we decided we could be doing better things with our limited time... Bad, bad, bad, don't do it!