Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Watching the English - Kate Fox

Watching The English
The hidden rules of English behaviour
Kate Fox

This book was given to me by an English friend who I suppose thought that I didn't 'get' the English... After living there for almost 2 years and visiting 3 times outside of that time, I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the English people that I have come into contact with... After reading that it was confirmed... But I found it very interesting that a lot of the issues I have with English people (incessant moaning, lack of enthusiasm, more negative words used then positive) have all been chalked up to humour in this book rather then basic negative attitudes... Also the need for social lubricant (alcohol) to ease the English out from their awkward inept ability to communicate and interact with other humans was examined and condoned... Those points I found interesting, in an otherwise long winded, dry book that could have easily been a third of the length...

This book could be of help in ways if you were planning on travelling over to England, but it would probably turn you right off... I did see some (what could have been had I not already lived there) valuable information about work enthusiasm, or general enthusiasm, sexual openness etc, which I found very interesting reactions to while I lived there...

There were also loads of sweeping judgements about the north v south, class culture, workplaces etc, which I struggled to deal with... What I was looking for more then the obvious statements, was a reason for these cultural eccentricities, but unfortunately this book couldn't provide that insight...

Coldplay Free Download - Violet Hill


If you go to the Coldplay website you can download a taste of the new album in the form of the track 'Violet Hill'...

If you live in London or New York City watch their website as they are doing a free show in Madison Square Garden and Hyde Park *so jealous*

Not really feeling the first track, but it may be a grower, most of their stuff does... It is nice to hear Chris Martin singing something new :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The New iMac

The New iMac

I think its beautiful... Like a fully functional piece of art...

The geeks think:
'Just when you thought iMac had everything, now there's even more. The latest generation of Intel Core 2 Duo processors at speeds up to 3.06GHz. Up to 2GB of memory standard. Brilliant graphics built in with optional NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS graphics on 24-inch models. Whether you're looking for a great computer for work, school, play, or all three, the beautiful, powerful, all-in-one iMac delivers'

Nike Air Force 1 - Lebron James - Dunkman

Nike Air Force 1 - Lebron James - Dunkman

Hot colourway, premium 'butter soft' leather with leather wrapped midsole, who could ask for anything more? Oooh and a Lebron Lion crest and 'Lebron James' graphics lasered on either heel...

No date on these yet...


Forgetting Sarah Marshall…

Forgetting Sarah Marshall…
Over the public holiday / long weekend, Corrie and I went and checked out the new Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie…

Written by and starring Jason Segel (Marshall – How I Met Your Mother), it’s the story of composer, Peter Bretter (Segel) doing his best to get over the break-up of his relationship with TV star Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell – Veronica Mars). He heads off on a solo holiday in Hawaii in an attempt to put the break-up behind him, only to find his ex, Sarah and her new boyfriend, Rock-star Aldous Snow (English comedian Russel Brand) staying at the same hotel. Hilarity ensues over the course of his vacation as Peter does his best to avoid the happy couple, and in the mean time falls for hotel receptionist Rachel (Mila Kunis – That ‘70s Show).

Yes, it’s a romantic comedy, but all that is hidden by the dick jokes we’ve come to expect from the guys that previously brought us Superbad, Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin.
Look out for show stealing performances from Jonah Hill (Knocked Up, Superbad) as the Aldous Snow-obsessed hotel employee, and Russel Brand who plays eccentric rocker Aldous. Also, be warned, Jason Segel spends prolonged periods of the movie naked, so be prepared for some full-frontal male nudity.

Highly Recommended.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Apple Ipod for Mothers Day

Apple Ipod for Mothers Day

Apple has come through with the engraved Ipod for you to personalise the Ipod you buy your mum... Surprisingly the engraving is free, so take advantage if your mum wants a niiice shiny new mp3 player this mothers day (Sunday 11th May)... If I was a mum I would be very happy with this!

Order by 29 April to ensure delivery in time for Mother’s Day (metropolitan areas).*

Dazzleglass MAC cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

'Electro-pearl atoms blast their light as Lipglass gets the dazzle treatment. High-shine + large particle quartz and opal crystal captured in a great new formula with light-reflecting, crystalline iridescence. To be this dazzling: that's power.'

I love drag queen make up, and this is just beautiful! If only I was glamourous enough to wear it! I wonder if it leaves your lips sticky like juicy tubes...

GoodLife Fri May 2 - Roxanne Parlour

Friday May 2nd 2008
Presented by Acclaim
Roxanne Parlour above Charltons Poolhall
3 Coverlid Place

This would almost be worth going to just to see what Roxanne Parlour is like, used to be Cage, many crazy nights were had there!

Reebok Freestyle x Married To The Mob x Colette - May 5th

Reebok Freestyle x Married To The Mob x Colette - May 5th

As the ad says, 350 pairs, 50 of those being sold on the website... Every pair comes with a key ring and is numbered in the velcro straps... I love MTTMs trademark lips all over them... They look good, not that I would wear them (Reebok)... Keep seeing these all over the web and thought that they were pretty enough to grace my blog...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prom Night (2008)

Prom Night (2008)

We rolled to this film as it was on our list... We love a good horror and in anticipation I had already started to creep myself out over dinner...
Once the movie started the atrocious acting gave way to even more atrocious acting and characters that were not believable... The only good thing about this film is Idris Elba (Stringer Bell - The Wire)... It was only mildly scary, touching on some of my own fears (dudes in the closet and seeing someone in the mirror) but not enough to properly freak me out or disrupt my sleep... Dont bother, unless you obtain a free copy ;)

Pancake Parlour - Glen Waverley

Century City Walk
Glen Waverley

We are Pancake Parlour fans... Yes it is a chain and owned by Scientologists, but their cheese and potato pancake rules... We had come in aid of that last night... And while the service was terrible (worst service out of all the branches I have hit), the pancake itself was fantastic! A smaller size then we are used to, but that way we could fit in sweets at the movies!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Foo Fighters - Rod Laver Arena

Foo Fighters
Rod Laver Arena
Friday 25th April 2008

As an early teen I was a Nirvana fan, the tragic school girl kind that cried her little eyes out when Kurt shot himself... When Foo Fighters started I got their album immediately as Dave was always of interest to me (I have a thing for drummers)... Their first two albums were the soundtrack to my life and when they came out in the late nineties I saw them at the Palace and festival hall with JF for $30 a pop... I have since seen them at Big Day Out, mildly enjoyed their albums until 'Echoes Silence Patience and Grace'... This album so reminded me of their earlier albums and quickly became a constant in my car, before they announced their tour I said to Mark that if they came out - I had to see them again...

They announced their tour, Michelle hooked us up with some great seated tickets (just feel too old for the mosh pit!) and last night we headed to Richmond to park our car... On the walk there a dude walking along with his mates dropped something out of back pocket, I alerted him, Mark ran off into where the wind was taking it, and it was 2 of his tickets for the show! They were stoked! We thought it was hilarious that this dude could have easily lost his ticket and his mates ticket and then wtf would he do? Anyways Mich and Sek were on time, we made our way in... They queued for toilets beer and the like, I was ready and after waiting a little just made my way in, I couldn't miss the start for the sake of beer...

As they started my heart was pounding so hard, and I was so excited I was having trouble breathing... They started with their new stuff, Pretender was second and not one person got up, I was stupified, but think its rude to be the first to stand, soon enough most people were standing, and the freedom to move was great! They had the stage set up so Dave could walk to each side of the stage out to where people were sat and right down the middle of the stage to a big round podium type thing... He was charming and engaging, and both him and the band were in great form... Pumping out big track after big track... I was in heaven...

45 or so minutes in they made their way down to this podium and from the sky comes a landing with all their instruments and then some, extra band members joined the stage... This was where they did some of their acoustic and slower stuff, I was so hot I was glad to sit for a little bit and just take it all in... Taylor sang a song, Kaki King joined him to play the Beaconsfield Miners track, everyone was introduced and did their solo's, including a triangle solo! Finishing the acoustic set with an electric guitar and playing Everlong, which ended back on the proper stage going crazy... A few more big songs, including a very drawn out Monkey Wrench, and soon after it was just on 2 hours and over...

Crowd went wild! Eventually Dave came on the big screen with a copy of the set list with the last couple songs blacked out, crowd going mad, they played this for ages, Taylor and Dave silently negotiating whether they should return to the stage and how much more they should play... And back they came with Big Me, Best of You and All My Life... Out with a bang, and leaving everybody wired!!!

Amazing show, completely different experience to any other show that I have ever seen them do!

Friday, April 25, 2008

La Premiere - Chadstone

La Premiere
Chadstone Shopping Centre
We went to La Premiere at Hoyts cinema Chadstone last night (thanks Annette and Rhys) to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall... La Premiere offers pod style seating for two, plenty of room to snuggle up, and heaps of leg room... As you enter they usually give you a small cup for your drink and a medium cup for your popcorn, which you serve up yourself... Because the sizes are usually very small and Mark usually goes back several times to refill... This time the chick gave us 2 of each cup (per person), so I didn't have to go back for any refills, but Mark still managed to! Overall this is quite a lovely experience, especially as a gift...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fergie for MAC...

After some truly genius collabs with Heatherette and Fafi, Fergie is the face of MAC for the Viva Glam special edition... Way to scare the general public! I would prefer to buy make up off an actual drag queen!

On the flipside, they have released this special edition of Viva Glam VI, EVERY CENT of the selling price of Viva Glam lipstick and lipglass is donated to the MAC AIDs fund to support men women and children living with HIV & AIDs... Nice work MAC!!!

You can download a FREE remix of 'Glamorous' from here
Interesting version... Nothing could make this song good...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Myer Family and Friends shopping event

**IT IS taking part nation wide**
PLEASE FIND FLYER AT: click the flyer and it will download to your pc...

Offers available on the following days only:Tuesday 22nd April, Wednesday 23rd April & Thursday 24th April 2008.
Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Team members will receive staff discount in addition to these offers.

WOMEN'S25% Off Women S Clothing. Excludes Australian and International designers, Anthea Crawford, Bianca Spender, CarlaZampatti, Charlie Brown, Cue, David Lawrence Gerard Darel, Jigsaw, Kenzo Jeans, Lucia, Marc Cain, Marcs, Pablo, Perri Cutten, Review, Rhodes & Beckett.25% Off Women S footwear. Excludes international Designers, Alan Pinkus, Ghetto, Scooter, Steve Madden, UggAust.25% off all women's intimate apparel and sleepwear.

ACCESSORIES25% Off Sunglasses. Excludes Chanel, Marc Jacobs. Tom Ford.25% Off Watches. Excludes Burberry.25% off women's fashion accessories, handbags & women's wallets, jewellery, hoisery & women's socksExcludes Alan Pinkus. Anya Hindmarsh, Baku, Cacharel, Carolyn Roberts, Country Road, Cue, David Lawrence, Piorina, Givencny, Hugo Boss, Jigsaw Miss Shop Accessories Mulberry Pilgrim Sportscraft, Swarovski, Taking Shape, Mogil and Kenji.MEN'S25% Off men’s Clothing. Excludes Bang-on Custom T-Shirts, Boston Brothers, Dangerfield, David Lawrence, Ed Hardy, Hugo Boss, Levi's® Concept Store Lords Formal Hire Marcs, Rhodes & Beckett, Vicious Threads.25% off all men's footwear.

MISS SHOP25% Off Miss Shop clothing. Brands include Bardot, Quirky Circus, Blue Juice, Miss Shop brand and more.Excludes Bang-on Custom T-shirts, Cheekee, Dangerfield, Ed Hardy, Kickz 101, Levi's® Concept Store, Nique, Pilgrim Clothing, Princess Highway.20% off Miss Shop branded accessories.

CHILDREN'S25% off children's clothing.25% off all children's footwear.

FRAGRANCES10% off fragrances.Excludes gift sets and KIT cosmetics. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Travel goods, confectionery, books, frames an d toys35% off luggage from the Travel goods department. Travel goods not available Forest Hill, Colonnades, Werribee, Eastgardens & Bankstown

20% off all Confectionery. Brands include Cadbury, Nestle, Ferrero, Lindt, Pink Lady, Guylian.

30% off the RRP off all books. RRP refers to the recommended retail price for Australian retailers and booksellers. Books not available at Werribee, Forest Hill and ColonnadesTake an additional 10% off the toy catalogue prices. Toys not available Forest Hill, Werribee and Colonnades. Excludes books, electrical, gaming consoles, software,CDs and DVDs

30% off frames. Excludes Digital Frames, Swarovski, Villeroy and Boch, Waterford Wedgwood. Frames not available Forest HIll

Electrical 15% off all small kitchen electrical appliances, irons, vacuum cleaners, microwaves and electrical personal care.

15% off all fridges.

15% off digital cameras, camcorders, digital photo frames and accessories.

15% off portable audio including iPod sound docks, MP3 players, clock radios, radios and iPodaccessories. Excludes Apple Branded products including iTunes Gift Cards.

10% off plasma and LCD TV’s.

15% off home theatre systems and home entertainment cabinets.

10% off console software. Excludes Console Hardware.

10% off off CD & DVD titles from Virgin @ Myer.

10% off notebook PCs Excludes Apple. Notebook PCs not available Forest Hill, Werribee and Colonnades.

10% off GPS navigators. GPS navigators not available Colonnades.

15% off all cordless phones. Cordless phones not available Colonnades and Forest Hill.

20% off all Logitech & Microsoft mice, keyboards and web cams. Computer accessories not available Forest Hill, Werribee and Colonnades.

15% off all printers. Printers not available Forest Hill, Werribee and Colonnades.

HOMEWARES Take an additional 5% off homewares including the great Home Sale catalogue offers.Excludes Alessi, Fissler, Rossenthal, Royal Doulton, S & P Living Decorator, Swarovski, Thomas, Versace, Villeroy and Boch, Waterford Wedgwood and Whitehill.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chris Rock - on sale now!!!

Chris Rock

Presented by: Dainty Consolidated Entertainment

Chris Rock has been hailed internationally as one of stand-up comedy’s heavyweights, his NO APOLOGIES tour has received rave reviews in the US.
The NO APOLOGIES tour, Rock’s first stand-up tour in over three years, commenced on New Year’s eve at New York City’s Madison Square Garden and is currently touring the US. This tour will see Rock perform overseas for the very first time with dates scheduled in the UK, Australia and South Africa.
Lauded by awards and critics alike, Rock is one of our generation’s strongest comedic voices. The Brooklyn-raised comedian has garnered three Emmys Awards, three Grammy Awards and countless others during his highly successful career to date.

TOUR DATE:Saturday 2 August - Vodafone Arena, Melbourne
PRICE: A Reserve $150.00
B Reserve $ 99.00
C Reserve $65.00

Advanced Vandalism - Aerosol works by Duel

Kick Gallery
239 High St, Northcote
Melbourne, Australia
Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 7:00pm
Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 9:00pm

Opening Thurs April 24th, 7 - 9 pm

A renowned artist in the graffitti scene, Duel has taken aerosol art to higher levels with his intricate and innovative designs and sculpture. With expressions of life through color and design, his artwork represents a unique style of individuality, passion and perception that will blow your mind... check it out.

Opening hours:
Wed - Fri 12 - 8
Sat - Sun 12 - 5

Monday, April 21, 2008

Per Square Metre Gallery: benchwamers

Bench Warmers
Per Square Metre Gallery
191 Johnston st, Collingwood

Was good to get to this... Some nice work... Unfortunately I couldnt see a guide to check who did the less obvious pieces, but there were definitely some nice pieces, worth checking...

Nike Sale

Nike Factory Outlet
416 Smith Street
Ph (03)9416-9655

Well we got to the spot in the early arvo, and there was a pretty serious looking queue... We committed and queued for about 15 minutes before getting in (I thought it was going to be a halfer at least!), and it was worth it...

It was crazy and chaotic, there was little oxygen, especially in the shoe section, so I escaped quickly, but Mark found these beauties at a really good price! I got another Nike tracksuit, like I need another, but I plan on being slothlike a little this Winter, and good getting to and from gym too... We got a new basketball and a football (soccer), I need to learn someday...

Did anyone here go? Get anything good?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Candy Bar

Candy Bar
162 Greville Street, Prahran 3181.
Phone: 95296566

Picked Mark up from work yesterday and went to Candy Bar for a drink with the boys, long time between catch ups... And Briggs is home :)

Anyways I hadn't been to Candy Bar in a while, and had forgotton how chilled it is there... The outdoor area has a lovely ambience... Nice lighting and mellow electronic tunes... Nice to remember it's there...

Sass & Bide Melbourne warehouse sale

Sass & Bide Melbourne warehouse sale

New stock placed on the floor daily

Sale dates:
Thursday 1st May 4-9pm
Friday 2nd May 11-8pm
Saturday 3rd May 10-5pm

Location: Prahran Town Hall (corner of Chapel and Greville St, Prahran) enter off Greville St.

Sales enquiries:(02) 9667 1667

Cash, Eftpos and major credit cards accepted

Saturday, April 19, 2008

bench warmers

If you get a chance check this out... Am crazy busy at the moment, but am hoping to get there Sunday post Nike sale (see below)...

Nike Factory Sale - Melbourne

40% off storewide


Friday 18th - 10am-6pm

Saturday 19th- 9am-6pm

Sunday 20th - 10am-5:30pm

ADDRESS:416 Smith Street Collingwood Ph (03)9416-9655

*not in conjunction with any other offer
*no further discounts apply

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sunday 13th April

Sunday 13th April
This was our last day… We started back at the Paradise Breakfast buffet… It was good, your usual breakfast fare which was all we were after… A few hours back at the pool… Hit the roulette table again and lost the last of our chips… Shopped just a little bit more… Had one last serving of Phish Food at the Ben & Jerry’s stall… Made our way to the airport… McCarran airport has free wireless everywhere which helped the time to pass… And then, after loads of flying, we arrived home… A good feeling…

Room Service

Room Service
Flamingo room service was pretty good, took 45 minutes, I had eggs Benedict and ordered Mark some pastries… It was very well presented and overpriced, as expected!

Saturday 12th April

Saturday 12th April
Mark was feeling ill today, so I started by getting room service… It was pretty good… I just spent the day chillin at the pool… Pretty much wrote this day off, watched some baseball on our big TV, and ate at Le Village again… Started packing, preparing for the big day of departure...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gambling at Flamingo

We aren't gamblers; we are the soft Vegas tourists there for the lights and all that… We did intend on giving gambling a go, and once we got started it was actually quite a good time… Putting $50 on a roulette table and it lasting as long as it did was amazing… Coming out on top was even more amazing!!! Though Sunday we threw the rest of our chips on the table and lost it all in minutes… beginners luck Friday night, I’m sure!

Harrah’s Craving Buffet

Harrah’s Craving Buffet
We thought we would make this buffet in time for breakfast, we were watching other people eat through the window enjoying their breakfasts, and willing the long queue to speed up… We made it in 5 after 11, officially lunch time, not an egg to be seen! The lunch options were mediocre, I tried little bits of lots of things but there was nothing here to return for…

Fashion Show Mall

Fashion Show Mall
When I researched this mall it sounded grrreat… In actual fact it is a pretty average spot with all of your very usual chain stores…


Caesars Palace

I am not a girly girl, so the concept of no sneakers and no denim was almost enough to deter me from hitting any of the clubs on the strip… Fortunately I bought a new dress for the occasion and Mark looks especially hot in a suit… So we hit Pure at Caesars Palace…

We thought we would go to a local bar to scope out how it works before we tried to get in, and a security guard invited us in as his guest, which was very nice of him… We still had to queue with the other VIPs, there is no way you could get away with a queue like that in Aus, dudes would get into fights… Eventually we got in and didn’t have to pay, which was a nice surprise, it’s usually $20 entry… It was a lovely looking space; DJ AM was doing a bit of a mash up which in my slightly intoxicated state I was taking pleasure in… We chilled here for a few drinks and eventually decided to go upstairs and find this ‘view’… Up the stairs we went and it was soooo worth it…

The music was more electronic, people seemed less drunk and more high, but the view was to die for… It really makes the club special... We stayed up here for a few, watching people; a very amusing bride to be getting random dudes to sign her arse GOLD! Eventually we were ready for a bit more AM, and eventually we thought we had seen all there was to see and legged it… In bed at 4am after gambling our little hearts out…

Friday 11th April 2008

Friday 11th April 2008

A very chilled start to the day, wanting a breakfast we tried to find eggs in general but really struggled… Eventually we stumbled across Harrah’s Cravings buffet and thought we would make it in time to get eggs, we didn’t L

And on to the pool to top up on some sunshine before the weekend was over… The pool was vibing, with loud tunes over the speakers, booze and chatter everywhere… The Flamingo pool is indeed beautiful! I felt like a cocktail so I had a mudslide and Mark had a couple beers… The first thing I noticed was the strength of the alcohol, these bar tenders don’t use shot glasses to measure their spirits!

An afternoon nap a quick bite at a deli and all dressed up and ready for Pure… Scoping it out early a security dude came over and introduced himself and invited us to be his guests, slipped us a VIP pass, I was certain this was for money as almost everything is, and offered a tip, he said no thanks, that it was his job to make sure they get the right clients… haha… that boosted our egos slightly… a monstrous queue and in we went… this was a special clubbing experience – different to any I have had anywhere else in the world… nothing beats good vodka and music with that view of the strip (rooftop bar), but DJ AM was killing it inside too…

Left after a few hours, tried to check Coyote Ugly bar, but it was closed, so took our cash to a roulette table at Flamingo… Gambled for a couple hours, couldn’t believe how long our money lasted, we only put $50 on and left with $70something (small time, but we are gambling newbs! Carried ourselves to bed, stoked with such a great night…

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Home now, but still more to come!

Hey hey, we are home now, it was loooong! We still have a fair few bits and pieces to review, and chat about, and I will get to it, probably tomorrow, sorry it didnt happen quite as quickly as it did in NYC, it was just that Vegas was a proper 24 hour experience leaving us absolutely tired whenever we got back to the room...

love and light...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour…

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour…
Pick up 5.45am...
Depart 7am...
Back at hotel by 10am...
$290.00 each...

Flying in to Las Vegas we were able to see the strip and the mountains from the plane window, but our view was limited, so it was with great excitement that we embarked on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon…
We woke at the crack of dawn and were picked up by the tour bus that drove us to the airstrip… Once there we were allocated wrist bands (which indicated which helicopter we were travelling in) and shown a safety video… We were then taxied out to the helicopters, where we met our pilot, Tom…
We jumped into the helicopter (front seat for an amazing view) and took off surprisingly smoothly…
The views of the strip were incredible, and soon we were flying above the Hoover Dam, and then directly into the Grand Canyon…
I really cannot explain how awesome it was to fly deep inside the Canyon, so check out the pictures below…
We stopped for a refuel at a cowboy ranch and picked up 2 new travellers, and began our journey home, with Tom giving us all a running commentary of the history and geography of the trip…
We flew back in through the strip, and Tom explained to us the stories behind all the hotels and casinos before we landed and took some pictures with our pilot and helicopter…
The experience was expensive but worth every penny… If you have the chance I’d certainly recommend the ride…