Friday, June 29, 2012

Lady Gaga concert Rod Laver Arena Melbourne Wed 27 June Born this way tour

From the moment the stage was revealed, you knew that this was going to be a more elaborate show then the Monsters ball tour 2 years ago... The stage was an amazing castle, that was used inside and out, lots of layers to this set, along with the way it was lit and fully utilized, it was freaking amazing!

I don't want to give too much away, but obviously this tour she has another whole album worth of material, it was hit after hit! A couple of lulls with tracks I personally don't feel as much... She changed costume in some form at just about every track! The first ones were good, but I am more into her Telephone look, she has an amazing body and I like to see it! For the Heavy Metal Lover section she was in a hot little black number, looking amazing, on a bike, with a girl dancer rubbing up all over her... It was hot! She is a great supporter of the LGBTI community, and I love that she brings this on a tour that has sold out 5 nights in a row in Melbourne alone... Championing the equal rights cause, if she brings an awareness to even 10% of her concert goers that aren't for equal rights, that's many thousands of people whose minds she would have changed... When she talks about love and self love it breaks my heart... I leave her shows wishing that the world was more accepting, that we can all do with showing a little more empathy in our lives...

Back to the show, her voice blows you away, she sings live and it sounds so beautiful... Before singing You and I, she was at her piano and decided to play a new song, Princess Die, which was really sad, but beautiful, you can find it on YouTube... I could go on and on about this show, but all you need to know is that you should see it... Woman is talented!

Terrible photos below... We had amazing seats, 10 rows back! But the smoke and lighting made it hard to capture the awesomeness!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy - again...

Leading up to this moment a couple of things happened simultaneously...
1. We went on a double date to see the film, Mark was the only one of us to have not read the book... I really felt he had been ripped off, that he was missing so much of the story... I really wanted him to read the book, he would not...
2. An actress that I adore, Kristen Bell, was telling a story on a talk show about the same experience with her partner, and so read the books to him... I am a big reader, always have been, and in my time I have read novels aloud to my best friend a few times, and bedtime stories when sleep was rare...

So I asked Mark if he would like me to read it to him, he agreed and away we went... 1 chapter every night before bed... It was a nice experience, definitely shed more light on the story, having someone to discuss it with! Even though our opinions sometimes differed! I must admit, after many months of reading, by the last 20% I was ready for it to be over... I have read it three times now, time to put it to bed...

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raffertys Garden - supreme customer service!

Yesterday, this happened! One of our chocolate custard's exploded! It wasn't pleasant so I took to email and mailed the crew at Raffertys Garden, within an hour I had a response requesting my details, and 24 hours later I have this little fun pack delivered in apology... I am beyond impressed, usually waiting to hear back from anyone about anything for up to a week, and not really expecting the pack to actually arrive... Good on them! It is really refreshing to be treated as a valued customer... Will continue to spend my money on then for sure...

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The LA Complex tv series

This is a Canadian show about a Canadian actress trying to make it in LA... It is made by the same people that make Degrassi, am assuming the new Degrassi? In any case, it feels a lot like a normal CW show, but a little more raw... They cover a lot of messed up shiz in just 6 episodes! There is an order for more though... It's a good little show, light enough to not have to think too much about it, interesting enough to leave you wanting more...

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My boys kicks... Jordan IV Military Blue

Mark grabbed these when they were released the other week, but there was nothing in kids sizes... Started checking online and with delivery was looking at a ridiculous $100 for what will be a 2 year olds sneakers... At Footlocker Saturday am, checking kids sneakers and there they were, at a very reasonable $60! So now my lovely males have some hot Jordan IV's...

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21 Jump Street Film

We have been meaning to watch this for AGES... It was so buzzworthy at the time, so we finally got around to watching it, and it's just not good... Pretty silly, not very funny... Not much to say about it really...

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Monday, June 25, 2012

My new Stila palette...

My old Stila palette busted, so I bought a new shiny one... The colour wasn't really deep enough for evening wear, no that I go out much in the evening! So I grabbed this one, nice as it has a blush and mirror in it! Will give it a whirl at comic con next weekend!

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Nails did... Revlon red and OPI Miss Piggy

Nails did... Revlon red and OPI Misspiggy as it turns out I really didn't need the red underneath! They remind me of Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz...

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marley just went up a shoe size...

It is inevitable, your kids grow and grow and grow, and with each size it's out with the old and in with the new... It's funny because I fall in love with her kicks at every size and feel sad that they have to go, but it's conflicted with the excitement that all the new shoes bring! So here are her size 10's...

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Raffertys freeze dried fruit mix toddler snack

The day I saw these released, I bought them all... The yoghurt drops went down a treat, the freeze dried fruit, not so much... Mace was interested in trying, I love this age, kid will try anything, and ate a few... Soon after just kept spitting them out, making a mess on my floor... So we won't be buying those again!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Bonds 30%off sale!

Bonds has come through again with a 30% off online sale, with free shipping! To be honest, I got quite a bit last time, so didn't go crazy this time... Marley needed some singlets, so I just grabbed 2x 3 packs... Always good to grab the basics when they are on sale!

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Next slim fit pink stretch skinny jeans!

If any of you have kids that are super long and skinny (Marley is in the 90% in height but only 50% in weight, Mace similar), you know it is freaking hard to find pants long enough that stay up!
For weeks Marley has been asking for pink jeans, conveniently I spotted some slim fit skinny jeans on the Next website which made me quite excited! Imagine her trousers not falling down! And only $17 delivered... It doesn't get better then this!!!
They arrived in 4 days, they always have awesome shopping! They actually fit her, her waist and length... I feel like I should be buying these in every colour for the rest of winter... Love watching her play without having to adjust her pants all the time!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Raffertys' Garden Toddlers Yoghurt Buttons

I saw these Rafferty's Garden Toddler Yoghurt Drops mixed berry flavour were an instant hit with Mace! They have a whole new range of toddler snacks and we will try them all... Mace has one thing to say about them 'more?'...

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Golden Era Crew Neck Shirt...

I saw this shirt and wanted it... It doesn't come in girls sizes, but the small men's fits perfectly! It took a tiny 3 days to arrive bus regular post, impressive! Happy to be supporting the boys...

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Reebok Freestyle x Married to the mob x Colette collab

In 2008 these were (for me) the most highly anticipated shoe release... The minute they were available they were sold out... I was devastated... I haven't had Reeboks since primary school when they were 'the' sneaker to have, but I was absolutely prepared to reneg on that in this instance...
Yesterday I saw that Mafia was selling a brand new pair, in my size! I was over the moon and organised the sale immediately! Grabbed them this morning while I was at work and seriously can't explain how happy I am... It's funny just how good a pair of kicks (that I wanted for 4 years!!!) can make you feel!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Girls - tv series

This show was on my extensive list of things to watch, then I was recommended this show by M at and it was a great recommendation... It's a dark comedy in a very Judd Apatow way... I can see why people have a love/hate thing with it, in the beginning I was interested, but it just felt hot and cold... By episode 4 I was completely and utterly intrigued, compelled and in love... I was watching it alone, in a very sneaky way, the swearing, sex, drugs and nudity meant that I couldn't let it be on in the same room as the kids, I also wasn't certain that Mark would like it... Once I was up to episode 7, I was sure that Mark would like it, so we started it again...

We have both enjoyed it, hilarious one liners! My only gripe is that the final episode for the season felt like it came straight out of the blue, and then didn't give any closure! I know Lena tweeted that she was working on the season 2 finale while we were watching the first one, am just hoping they see how much their core audience need more and show it in October or something!

If you like dark comedy, you will love it... Loving and hating the characters for their honesty and infallibility, my favourite changes with every episode... It doesn't appeal to my love of cheesy tv at all, it feels much more special!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

360 show at Hifi Bar Melbourne

I have been on a hip hop hiatus since falling pregnant with Marley (4 years ago!!!) so am seriously out of the loop with new music... I have only recently started to pursue my love of the genre again in the past few months, but that is another post entirely...

I know there is much debate as to whether 360 is hip hop, and that's not an argument I care to get into... I heard one of his tracks, got the album and really, really enjoyed it... I get shit for this, but I am not a hip hop purist and have eclectic taste... So once I loved the album I saw there was a tour, tried to get tickets to the Friday show the day they sold out, the other dates didn't suit for childcare... We were super lucky that 360 put us on the list and we were able to go!

We arrived early, I wasn't a fan of Bam Bam, and was really surprised that there was no DJ keeping the crowd going between sets! Hermitude was an interesting choice, I have always been a fan of live beats, but was surprised that they held the crowd... The crowd was mostly 18-20 year olds, who didn't look anything like your usual hip hop crowd, this was one of my first clues that it wasn't actually a hip hop show! And there were LOADS of women there, another clue! The vibe was electric regardless, and in any case, Hermitude took the crowd on a journey, and soon enough it was time for 360...

I had seen him when he did shows with Pez, they were just little (age, not size) lads, and back then they would be supporting whoever I was there to see, so I never paid much attention... The build up to him coming on stage was brilliant... The lighting was awesome, his arrival on stage was clearly highly anticipated by the crowd! And his arrival did not disappoint!

Dude has star quality, charisma, he is likeable... What I enjoy about his album is its honesty... I like the same about his twitter account... He doesn't claim to be perfect, he embraces his flaws, and that makes me like him, and his subject matter when he rhymes... He isn't the most clever lyrically perfect emcee, but his rhymes touch me, and I love the timbre of his voice... I really like the production on his tracks too... Obviously everyone there had reasons to like him because they were all in deep... Rocking the very best of the album, with a little old stuff, it was a really good show... Not just because I haven't been on a night out since Mace was in my tummy (A Tribe Called Quest, a year and a half ago!), it was genuinely awesome, I am glad I went, and appreciative of being put on the list...

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some UK canvasses for our bathroom...

It feels like our house is just going to get more and more UKified... Not a bad thing... It might just be because it has almost been a year since we have visited, and is looking like it will be another two before we get back... You see, Mark doesn't want to fly with both kids for a day and night until Mace is 3!!! This is why we are going to Vegas alone in May, can't go too long without international travel!
It will be the longest time we have spent away from London and I think we are both already missing it, with friends having babies, moving houses, etc, it's tough not being there...
So we saw these vey cute canvasses and decided to put them in our downstairs guests/Marley's bathroom... I like little touches of the UK around the house...

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Nails did... OPI black and pirouette my whistle

I didn't do a great job, but I love the effect!
This is exactly why I did that OPI order, black and pirouette my whistle, very cute!

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50 shades darker

I became completely addicted to the first book in this series, which carried through on the second book... I managed to read it in 24 hours, every moment I could, I spent devouring it... Both kids weren't feeling well yesterday so Mace on my lap, Marley curled up under one arm and my kindle in the other...
I still like the story, love the characters, it did feel a little more monotonous, but slowly it does feel like they are getting somewhere... And by the end, they really are, which is refreshing that they don't just tread water the entire trilogy... I find myself skimming over the sex scenes, it definitely gets a little old, but I take absolute delight in the details, like their email subject headings and signatures... Very sweet moments... This story appeals to the teenager in me, and also the social worker, that wants desperately for everyone to be okay and find love and happiness... Absolutely still addicted and can't wait to read the next one, almost can't wait to be finished because nothing gets done with this book in my life!

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50 Shades of Grey

You have heard about it by now, the s&m book, porn for housewives, etc, have you read it yet? That's the important question, because it is good! There is a reason that it has sold out all over Melbourne, and I think it is more then just well written sex scenes... I think it is the wanting to explore that 'first love' concept, a bit like Twilight (it did start as Twilight fan fiction), wanting to explore what happens when you find that person that you have unbelievable chemistry with at a young and inexperienced age...
I can relate to this woman as a teenager... When I fell head over heels in love with someone who would over the next 9 years run as hot as ever possible at the same time as being addicted to drugs, resulting in the longest (off and on) relationship I have had... There was a constant battle, a feeling of not being enough, just wanting him above all else, and eventually moving away and finding love with someone else, who could, and still does give me what I need... But I get this woman, Anastasia, I get her wanting to do whatever it takes to keep the man she can't think rationally about, when we are young our boundaries are easily blurred to keep what we think we can not live without, and for the sake of this book, I am glad... I am completely taken with the main characters, and haven't stopped reading these books since starting... Deeply addictive, sexually explicit, intriguing characters... Read it, probably at home, don't want to be smirking and blushing on the train!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

OPI delivery... Beautiful sparkly nails...

After my last Sally Hansen Salon Effects mani, I started thinking about making my own similar versions... Black is my favourite colour to wear and do my nails, so a sprinkle of glitter is all I really need to change it up a little! So I bought a bunch of beautiful sparkles, 2 from the muppets collection, a Minnie mouse one and one from the ballet collection... Definitely doing them tonight, not sure what I am wearing out tomorrow night, but the minute I decide, I will sparkle it up to match!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mamma and daughter kicks...

Over the long weekend we did some impulsive sneaker shopping... Marley and I got some matching kicks, Mark got some new release Jordan's and Mace got nothing because his collection is freaking huge and there was nothing I liked for him... They didn't have these 90's in Marley's size so it will be a while before she wears them, but it's not like my foot will be changing size again!
Addicts that we are, we then placed an order at JD Sports which should be delivered this week... While I wait, I can't stop thinking about the 90's at Footlocker that match our away kit... I am trying with all my power to stop myself from purchasing!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Queen's Birthday Weekend

Now, now, I know I was getting grouchy that we didn't get a Jubilee weekend holiday, but we do get Queen's Birthday weekend every year, which is more then I can say about my UK counterparts! This long weekend, Mace has contracted yet another awesome crèche cold, so going out in the cold, which indeed it was, was definitely a no-no!

Saturday we had a lovely lunch with my girls and their partners, Sunday swimming lessons (only for Marley) then off to the shops, and Monday Marley and I went to the zoo together... Girls day out!!! It took some convincing, she wanted to wait for Mace to be better so we could all go together (bless her little heart), I promised that we will go back when he is... The pros of being a Friend of the Zoo!
It was a really nice time, aside from it being freezing and foggy... Marley walked for 2 hours before she got tired, I love the age 3! It's awesome! Strangely the animals seemed thrilled with the weather, lots and lots of activity, was really nice to see...

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Union Jack shorts for my shortie...

In our house we love Union Jacks! We love to celebrate Britishness... I think it's important for my kids to never lose touch with their roots, and the rich history of their motherland! So when I saw these gorgeous sequined union jack shorts at Next, I had to buy them... Am so looking forward to summer when Marley can wear them...

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Monday, June 11, 2012

True Blood - Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries - Deadlocked - book 12

I inhaled the books leading up to this one, read in quick succession from 1-11... It had been a while and I am completely tarnished by the series, so I read 11 again just to get my bearings...

I felt like this book was anticlimactic, I know there is only so much more that can go on in Sookie's life at this point, but it was just a bit boring... Blah... Was only reading 1-2 chapters per day, which gives a direct feeling of how compelled I was, well wasn't, to finish this... It's nice to hear about what's going on in Bon Temps, and what everyone is up to, it was nice, but not something I would recommend... Nothing obsessive and addictive about it... Maybe it was the lack of Eric! Haha...

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mirror Mirror - film

All this 'Fairy Tale' stuff going on in our house made me think that Marley might enjoy this film... As the responsible parent that I am I thought I had best watch it first... Good move, it is a children's film, but it is bad... I won't be letting Marley watch this (probably more suited to 4/5 then 3), not only because it would go above her head, but I would hate for this to become her favourite film and have to watch and rewatch it...

Julia Roberts was annoying, and I am a fan of hers... Lily Collins has the scariest eye brows that I have ever seen! The Prince isn't hot, and the costumes not nearly enchanting enough... It was an interesting take on Snow White, but it will be discarded, and I will wait for Snow White and the Huntsman...

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Wanderlust - film

After reading lots of positive tweets about this film, I decided we needed to watch it and see what the fuss was about... Well in reality there isn't much fuss... There are definitely funny moments, like laugh out loud funny, but not loads... The whole premise of the film is pretty stupid... It's the sort of film that would be nice to watch on a long haul flight after you have had a glass of wine and some Valium, not that I get to do that on long haul flights anymore, or watch films on flights for that matter!

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Crayola washable finger paint

What you need to know about this paint is that it has a really congealed kind of texture... When we were buying, I went for these over the washable poster paint thinking that because it was 'thicker' it would be creamier, better for Mace's finger painting and equally okay for Marley's painting... This was wrong... So poster paint is thinner, but easy to spread around, which is what we require in most of our painting activities! We still had a good time with this strange texture, but we won't be buying it again!

Leaf prints and sponge prints

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bonds $6 sale - super cute babytail nappy covers

Do you know anyone that's having a baby soon? Or any age up to 2 (1 is super cute in these!)? These are a perfect little add on gift! I absolutely loved these when Marley was itty bitty, and a bargain at the Bonds $6 sale with free postage... Just too cute... There are loads of styles, but these are a little bit out there!

(please excuse the terrible images, I blog from the floor with my two kids in tow!)

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Game of Thrones Season 2

If you have read my blog/Facebook/twitter/instagram you know that I love Game of Thrones, in TV and especially book form... Season 2 was much anticipated as I had read the first 5 books in the offseason... I did feel that it wasn't as true to the book as season/book one, but they still managed to do an incredible job! Can not believe ten weeks of it have passed, if only there were ten more episodes, because just like the books, the TV series leaves you wanting more, more, more...
Book 3 is apparently being done in two seasons (why oh why not one big season?!?), which I definitely approve of! Was going to start the books again, but have decided to wait until the count down to season 3 is on!
If you don't watch this show, do it! It's freaking amazing, and if you read books for fun, please read it! I hate the word epic, but it truly is an epic journey, over time and space, all engrossing amazingness!!!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finding a GP...

I have had the same GP since I was 12 years old... She also sees my mum so has all of our family (cancer) history, so I have never stopped going there, despite the fact that we now live 10 - 15 minutes away... When Mark came to Australia, when I had babies, we all continued to go there... With the long waits, long drive, and hard work to secure an appointment...
When Mace seemed unwell last week, I couldn't get an appointment, and my dodgy back up doctor 500m down the road was closed until Tuesday (!!!) I had to look for another GP... There was another one, 2 minutes (if that) away and I thought I would give it a go, open 7 days, and late almost every night, they sound too good to be true! We got an appointment with ease and on arrival the waiting room has a kids room! With toys, tv and seats for young and old, Mace didn't want to leave this place...
The Dr was lovely, thorough, easy to talk to... I am seriously thinking that it is time to make the change... Not necessarily for me, but for the kids, maybe even Mark! I guess best to get them a new private GP locally in a new family practice, while they are still young... It is hard to find a good GP, maybe now we have found one, I should stick with it!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stila new eyeshadow palette...

My old eyeshadow... I had it forever, bought in Vegas on our honeymoon (forever!!!) and due to rarely wearing make up, weekends before babies, far less since, I hadn't wanted or needed a new palette... Until the above occurred, and my beautiful creamy brown base busted up... I was devastated, why couldn't it have been the taupe that I NEVER once used?!? In any case I got right on it (4 months later) and replaced Stila with Stila, they obviously didn't have that trio any more, but they do have this lovely 'bronze glow' trio, which has colours that will definitely work with my go-to look! I am excited about playing with these, and if it works out, it will be years before I need more!

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Fairy tales...

Once upon a time... The start of many a magical fairy tale... While waiting for Marley's surgery, we had a bag of tricks, toys, books... These were the books, beautifully illustrated, pop up books, very wordy, didn't think she would get into just how wordy (a whole fairy tale over 3 pages)... She immediately fell in love with them! These stories, combined with catching minutes of the Once Upon A Time TV series, she has fallen in love with fairy tales, and with this comes the narration of her life!

While playing, she narrates he adventure 'the beautiful princess runs to the door as the dragon chases her, she spins around and closes the door...' etc, it's hilarious how quickly she has taken to this... I am also surprised at how magical her role play has become, and honoured that she lets me and Mace participate in her adventures!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Lying Game - TV series

Charisma Carpenter was the reason I started watching this... I am a BIG Joss Whedon fan... From the get go, I can't stand shows that have one person playing twins, reminded me of Ringer (another Joss related show I watched), in more ways then that too... It's cheesy, with mediocre acting, obvious story lines, but I really enjoyed it! Haha, there is always going to be a part of me that enjoys bad TV and this is exact proof! Loved the last scene, and can't wait for next year! You would probably love this if you were a teenager, it certainly isn't 'must watch tv', and I am not recommending it... The minute next season begins, I will be watching!

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nails did...

More Sally Hansen Salon Effects... A lovely winter effect with blue and silver glitter... Love these nails, but they were harder to put on then non glitter ones... Worth it though! Did a pedi with the same half box!

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