Friday, June 1, 2012

GAP Chadstone 70% off sale!

I am a big fan of GAP kids clothes, cute and good quality... I was pretty annoyed when they finally got here and hiked their prices up from their US and UK counterparts... A full tracksuit here is $90, in the UK it's around $60... So when they have their sales, I always take advantage! Especially with Marley's latest Growth spurt eliminating a bunch of her clothes, I grabbed a whole bunch of size 5 stuff (she is recently 3) for now and next season... Mostly 70% off, I was stoked! Mace only got one item, not a great season for boys, and he has a wardrobe full of clothes!

This geeked out bunny shirt I just loved when it came out, but waited for the sales as at the time Marley had loads of long sleeved tops... Was $10 from $30!

Marley's choices, kid says she just wants pink stuff, then buys a bunch of blue... I must admit the blue shirts do have pink sparkles in them, maybe that's what sealed the deal?

The cardigan is much cuter then in the pic! The stripes are sequins!

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