Friday, June 15, 2012

50 shades darker

I became completely addicted to the first book in this series, which carried through on the second book... I managed to read it in 24 hours, every moment I could, I spent devouring it... Both kids weren't feeling well yesterday so Mace on my lap, Marley curled up under one arm and my kindle in the other...
I still like the story, love the characters, it did feel a little more monotonous, but slowly it does feel like they are getting somewhere... And by the end, they really are, which is refreshing that they don't just tread water the entire trilogy... I find myself skimming over the sex scenes, it definitely gets a little old, but I take absolute delight in the details, like their email subject headings and signatures... Very sweet moments... This story appeals to the teenager in me, and also the social worker, that wants desperately for everyone to be okay and find love and happiness... Absolutely still addicted and can't wait to read the next one, almost can't wait to be finished because nothing gets done with this book in my life!

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