Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Girls - tv series

This show was on my extensive list of things to watch, then I was recommended this show by M at www.blithelyunaware.com and it was a great recommendation... It's a dark comedy in a very Judd Apatow way... I can see why people have a love/hate thing with it, in the beginning I was interested, but it just felt hot and cold... By episode 4 I was completely and utterly intrigued, compelled and in love... I was watching it alone, in a very sneaky way, the swearing, sex, drugs and nudity meant that I couldn't let it be on in the same room as the kids, I also wasn't certain that Mark would like it... Once I was up to episode 7, I was sure that Mark would like it, so we started it again...

We have both enjoyed it, hilarious one liners! My only gripe is that the final episode for the season felt like it came straight out of the blue, and then didn't give any closure! I know Lena tweeted that she was working on the season 2 finale while we were watching the first one, am just hoping they see how much their core audience need more and show it in October or something!

If you like dark comedy, you will love it... Loving and hating the characters for their honesty and infallibility, my favourite changes with every episode... It doesn't appeal to my love of cheesy tv at all, it feels much more special!

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