Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fairy tales...

Once upon a time... The start of many a magical fairy tale... While waiting for Marley's surgery, we had a bag of tricks, toys, books... These were the books, beautifully illustrated, pop up books, very wordy, didn't think she would get into just how wordy (a whole fairy tale over 3 pages)... She immediately fell in love with them! These stories, combined with catching minutes of the Once Upon A Time TV series, she has fallen in love with fairy tales, and with this comes the narration of her life!

While playing, she narrates he adventure 'the beautiful princess runs to the door as the dragon chases her, she spins around and closes the door...' etc, it's hilarious how quickly she has taken to this... I am also surprised at how magical her role play has become, and honoured that she lets me and Mace participate in her adventures!

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