Thursday, June 7, 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2

If you have read my blog/Facebook/twitter/instagram you know that I love Game of Thrones, in TV and especially book form... Season 2 was much anticipated as I had read the first 5 books in the offseason... I did feel that it wasn't as true to the book as season/book one, but they still managed to do an incredible job! Can not believe ten weeks of it have passed, if only there were ten more episodes, because just like the books, the TV series leaves you wanting more, more, more...
Book 3 is apparently being done in two seasons (why oh why not one big season?!?), which I definitely approve of! Was going to start the books again, but have decided to wait until the count down to season 3 is on!
If you don't watch this show, do it! It's freaking amazing, and if you read books for fun, please read it! I hate the word epic, but it truly is an epic journey, over time and space, all engrossing amazingness!!!

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