Saturday, April 9, 2011

Supanova Melbourne

We got childcare for Marley bundled Mace up and headed out to Supanova... The traffic on the way there was full on, so we were running late, I aim to get everywhere early... Arrived at 10.15 and queued for an hour! We had prepaid tickets, and it was heartbreaking to watch all the people who didn't pre buy their tickets zoom past our hour long queue... Bad, bad organisation on behalf of Supanova...

We legged it to the 'Paul' panel with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost... We were late for Maces feed, so I sat at the back and fed him... It was jam packed and the sound at the back was terrible... Didn't stay too long, just awkward... In to the exhibitors, was crazy busy! I'm not sure if they underestimated the amount of people, but it felt like too small a space and not quite enough stalls... But what was there was quality... And the people walking around had gone to loads of effort to dress up...

I wanted a photo with Charisma Carpenter, but the options to get one were sold out! It was a bit annoying, but I definitely feel that I have learnt for the next time we go! I did get an awesome seat for her Q&A, was very cool to listen to her talk... Also nice to just let myself get carried away hearing about some of my favourite tv shows and not be on mum duty, just allow myself to be a geeked out fan!

We had to pick up Marley at 3 so that was just about it for us... It was a nice day out, certainly not a smoothly ran day, but now we know for next year!

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Welcoming Baby Mace!

Our son Mace was born on the 8th of March... I have been long gone from here, hands are beyond full with Mace and Marley! We have some great things coming up though and just thought first things first...

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