Friday, June 15, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

You have heard about it by now, the s&m book, porn for housewives, etc, have you read it yet? That's the important question, because it is good! There is a reason that it has sold out all over Melbourne, and I think it is more then just well written sex scenes... I think it is the wanting to explore that 'first love' concept, a bit like Twilight (it did start as Twilight fan fiction), wanting to explore what happens when you find that person that you have unbelievable chemistry with at a young and inexperienced age...
I can relate to this woman as a teenager... When I fell head over heels in love with someone who would over the next 9 years run as hot as ever possible at the same time as being addicted to drugs, resulting in the longest (off and on) relationship I have had... There was a constant battle, a feeling of not being enough, just wanting him above all else, and eventually moving away and finding love with someone else, who could, and still does give me what I need... But I get this woman, Anastasia, I get her wanting to do whatever it takes to keep the man she can't think rationally about, when we are young our boundaries are easily blurred to keep what we think we can not live without, and for the sake of this book, I am glad... I am completely taken with the main characters, and haven't stopped reading these books since starting... Deeply addictive, sexually explicit, intriguing characters... Read it, probably at home, don't want to be smirking and blushing on the train!

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