Sunday, April 13, 2008

Flamingo Hotel

Flamingo Hotel
Room 19059
Check in was an absolute nightmare… Took around 20 minutes just to find a bellboy to take our bags, then when we did the check in staff were extremely unhelpful… It was never made clear to me that you would have to pay the balance plus $400 deposit on arrival, I had the cash in my savings account but hadn’t transferred it to my credit card, in a fit of drama I withdrew all of the cash and paid that way, but the chick was being so hard about it all…
We finally get to the room, and it’s beautiful… I know people don’t quite understand why you would want a nice room in Vegas, but we do spend an amount of time in it and so wanted it to be nice, especially as it’s our last stop… I especially like the TV in the bathroom!
I rang for the bags as soon as we got in, they took half hour to arrive, frustrating as we both wanted to shower but our clothes were in the bags… Eventually they came; we showered and eventually got to go to the strip…

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