Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wednesday 9th April 2008

Wednesday 9th April 2008
Up early, a Carmel car to the airport, costs the same as a cab, probably makes sense to call one of these if leaving from a hard to get a cab from location, or at an unusual time… Wouldn’t get one from the airport there is always an abundance of cabs!
Plane ride was fast, slept most of the ride… Then we were in Vegas… Checking in to the Flamingo was a hassle, but the room is beautiful…
We started a walk up the strip; all the info I had read suggested breaking it up into parts as it’s hot and a hard walk… We started with that idea but ended up walking for about 4 hours, almost end to almost end… Awesome… So nice to not have to wear so many clothes!
We did some shopping, and general overviews of the hotels… Which took us right through to dinner… We struggled to find something suitable for Mark so settled on Le Village Buffet at Paris hotel, which was surprisingly good… Soon after dinner we were knackered, with really sore legs and feet so we came back to the room, chilled and fell asleep…

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