Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Friday 11th April 2008

Friday 11th April 2008

A very chilled start to the day, wanting a breakfast we tried to find eggs in general but really struggled… Eventually we stumbled across Harrah’s Cravings buffet and thought we would make it in time to get eggs, we didn’t L

And on to the pool to top up on some sunshine before the weekend was over… The pool was vibing, with loud tunes over the speakers, booze and chatter everywhere… The Flamingo pool is indeed beautiful! I felt like a cocktail so I had a mudslide and Mark had a couple beers… The first thing I noticed was the strength of the alcohol, these bar tenders don’t use shot glasses to measure their spirits!

An afternoon nap a quick bite at a deli and all dressed up and ready for Pure… Scoping it out early a security dude came over and introduced himself and invited us to be his guests, slipped us a VIP pass, I was certain this was for money as almost everything is, and offered a tip, he said no thanks, that it was his job to make sure they get the right clients… haha… that boosted our egos slightly… a monstrous queue and in we went… this was a special clubbing experience – different to any I have had anywhere else in the world… nothing beats good vodka and music with that view of the strip (rooftop bar), but DJ AM was killing it inside too…

Left after a few hours, tried to check Coyote Ugly bar, but it was closed, so took our cash to a roulette table at Flamingo… Gambled for a couple hours, couldn’t believe how long our money lasted, we only put $50 on and left with $70something (small time, but we are gambling newbs! Carried ourselves to bed, stoked with such a great night…

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