Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sunday 13th April

Sunday 13th April
This was our last day… We started back at the Paradise Breakfast buffet… It was good, your usual breakfast fare which was all we were after… A few hours back at the pool… Hit the roulette table again and lost the last of our chips… Shopped just a little bit more… Had one last serving of Phish Food at the Ben & Jerry’s stall… Made our way to the airport… McCarran airport has free wireless everywhere which helped the time to pass… And then, after loads of flying, we arrived home… A good feeling…

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Jeffluv aka Bone aka Sir Ching said...

ahhhhhh sounds like its goin well! :))) was wicked to see u both, sorry I didnt make it out again, had some cashflow snafus innit :)

hope its not too long before I see yall again!