Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tuesday 1st April 2008

We took the subway to Union Square to start our days shopping (not every day will be shopping, but most)... Started at DSW and Filenes basement, DSW was rubbish, so no review, it would probably be great if you were fanatical about girly shoes but I’m a trainer’s girl so we left quite quickly… Filenes was great, got a couple pairs of sunnies, some earrings and gifts for a couple babies we know, was really impressed by how well ordered it was! Cruised around the rest of Union Square, Virgin, Barnes and Noble, Babies r Us, there are some BIG stores here… eventually we hit Broadway and went down there, starting with Forbidden Planet, the Strand bookstore and down a little till we found our turn off to Dave’s Quality Meat, where we started the next leg of our shopping: everything east of Broadway, this took hours… We made our way through the L E S and East Village, loads of shops, great architecture and really lovely people among the really crazy people... it seems everyone likes to talk to themselves around here! Most of the shops on our list were boutiques and a few of them had closed down which was a shame, especially Premium Laces a ladies sneaker store! I found in lots of these boutiques that they don’t really cater for women, so Mark got some great shirts but there was nothing for me! Again we walked for 7 hours all around, in and out the side streets, checking out the squares homes, shops etc, and eventually the time came to go home… Again we got in absolutely shattered, and hit the bed for the last few episodes of Underbelly and off to bed…

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