Sunday, April 6, 2008

Johns Pizza

Johns Pizza
Bleecker St
The décor of this place is shabby at best, lots of scratchy graffiti on the walls and some very tacky paintings, but hey, we weren’t there for décor or ambience, we were there for pizza… This spot has been raved about incessantly along with Lombardi’s on forums and in person so seeing as though it was around the corner we had to check it out! The service was fast, but the place was only just filling up, no queue yet (we have seen many queues out the front of this spot in our day’s roamings)… The salad was massive! Big enough for a whole dinner really, then the 16 inch pizza came, massive pizza, massive slices, we do not get this at home! Marks half was cheese and tomato, mine was the same with pepperoni, we were both blown away, it was wicked! Super thin base, good sauce, good cheese, great pepperoni, overall I was really impressed with it! And so was Mark (being the pizza fiend that he is!)… I highly recommend checking Johns out!!!

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Beth said...

John's Pizza! It's so good, had it on a trip to NYC a year ago. Looks like you guys are having fun, thanks for jolting my memory (and making me hungry for a NY slice again).