Monday, July 13, 2015

Serendipity 3 and fifth ave

Heading down to serendipity 3 for some lunch and a frozen hot chocolate, 20 minute wait for a table with Dylan's candy conveniently located, got some sweets for my mum and aunt looking after the kids and came back to our table... While waiting our close friend from London called to say she organised us FREE tickets to Hedwig and the angry inch! My day has been made and I haven't even had my frozen hot chocolate yet! 

Lunch was the second worst meal of the trip, such an average meal, and the frozen chocolate wasn't even on point... My husbands veggie patty looked like a frozen one you but from the grocery store...

Fifth ave
Mild shopping, just a few stores we wanted to check out... Then towards home, the heavens opened and there was some amazing relief for about 5 minutes, then it was back to hot and humid... Went home to cool down, shower and get ready for the show...

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