Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 4 downtown

Still not sleeping, up at 4.30, I tried so hard to go back to sleep, by 5.30 I was getting ready and we were out the door heading for the 9/11 memorial and then to century 21...

We have been to the twin towers site every time we have been to the city, from the mid to late 00's, and it's devastated me every time... This time it felt different, it's a truly beautiful memorial, and feels so peaceful... Much nicer than the various states prior... We took some time at both pools, today was the first time I didn't spend an hour crying afterwards, it's just so peaceful...

Century 21
We always do this first thing in the morning, it's so quiet... And you never quite know what you are going to get... Surprisingly myself and the kids didn't fare well, but my husband got several thing of his nyc shopping list! 

Next stop shopping at Broadway up to union square... We got the subway to spring st and started walking, stumbled across the Dominique Ansel bakery, I was surprised that there were still cronuts at 10am! But that's not what I was there for... We got a frozen smores and a salted caramel eclair, mark took some medicine so his tummy could withstand the dairy, and we shared them... The frozen smores was amazing!!! I may have to go back!

And then we hit Broadway, so much shopping, so many bags... 

There weren't any of my 'to eat' spots on this walk, so when hunger happened we just went to the first spot that looked like we would want to eat there 'the cozy diner' I ordered the southern fried chicken... The staff were all quite old and somehow struggled to understand us... So there were a couple of misunderstandings that came through in the food, but surprisingly the food was good... Mark had the egg salad platter which he said was really good, and my southern fried chicken was delicious, not too oily, and so tender... I love a pleasant food surprise!

More more more shopping... Had to stop by the time we got to union square, neither of us had hands Jeff to shop with! A cab home for a nap!

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