Thursday, July 9, 2015

4th of July Cruise

4th of July cruise
We knew we were coming on the 4th, last year we were in Hawaii for the 4th and the fireworks were awesome... I immediately decided I needed to bear witness to these world class fireworks... Idrinkwater came up with some options, we went for a 3 hour cruise on a small yacht... We got word our cruise was cancelled and we were upgraded for free to this massive boat...
It was a real mixed bag of people, the drinks were strong (the queues long), food was surprisingly good, long queues but we were in early... Beautiful skyline, amazing fireworks, glad we made the choice... Unfortunately he music was a mixed bag, I think we were the only people excited when BBD and Salt N Pepa came on, we seemed to be in the middle of the younger and older people...
It was a cool opportunity to talk to people and find out more about the U.S. and the other states... I'm usually quite shy with strangers, but the vodka helped! 
A surprisingly cool night... Only downside was the 10.30 disembark came and went as they locked us in and made us wait until 11.30 (last) to leave... It was badly handled, however it was interesting to be in that with people...

Event Details
The Cornucopia Majesty Yacht
Pier 36-299 South Street New York
10002 (we walked through some sketchy projects to get there)
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