Monday, July 13, 2015

Hedwig and the angry inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
The day the tickets for Darren Criss' season went on sale I tried to buy tickets for our trip, my husband is not into theatre, so when I went through check out and the tickets for the seats I wanted came to $400AUD, I let go of my hopes to see it... It felt like a lot of money for something only one of us would enjoy... I had a moan about it on Facebook after walking past the theatre on our first day... One of our favourite humans from London proceeded to organise us Comp tickets, so, so good!!!

We went to the box office to pick up, I was so pleased to be there, I didn't even mind where we sat... We were in row K in the orchestra, I honestly couldn't believe our luck! As the cast entered I could see every centimetre of Darren Criss' beautiful face... A great show, funny and sad, still stoked I got to see it! And my husband enjoyed it too after all that...

Hoping to go to Johns for pizza, it was closed, we were tired and grabbed a few dollar slices on our way home...

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