Friday, October 26, 2012

Toca Boca Tailor is out!!!

Marley has counted down to yesterday when the new Toca Boca app 'Toca Tailor' was released... It's a great app, geared towards pre schoolers, making outfits for the Toca crew... She is obsessed with it, spending 45 minutes playing it before bed, talking about it relentlessly and asking for it the minute she gets up this morning!

We are big fans of all the Toca Boca apps, they are about free play, not winning or losing or running out of time etc... They just work out what they want to do - no rules! And do it... As they get older the way they play changes and they cater for that... And no in app purchases!!! So If I need to make a work call, I can slip them the iPads for 20 mins and work undisturbed... The only downside with Tailor is Marley wants a photo with all of her creations, which is a bit of a bummer... This morning she has worked out that she can make Mace pose with them though, hopefully that sticks! But there is a reason that we don't use iPads unless its the end of the day, car rides or if everyone is sick, and that's because iPad addicted babies are like crack addicted grown ups, keep it in check!

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