Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday baking: caramel chocolate brownie and chocolate brownie...

Baking with Marley this morning, we had The Wiggles on to keep Mace busy while we did... The song Fruit Salad came on, she says 'listen to these cheeky Wiggles singing about fruit salad when we are trying to bake brownies...' The stuff kids come out with!

I accidentally added double of one part of the batter so quickly doubled everything else leaving me with two brownies, added caramel to one and chocolate pieces with chocolate filling to the other... The recipe is from google caramel chocolate brownie and its right there... I made these again today because they are my favourite and I wanted to take some up to Brisbane for my BFF to taste, having two trays means she can have some and I can leave a tray for mum and my aunties who are looking after the kids! And of course, they are delicious!

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