Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nail Rock Union Jack

When I saw these I was beyond stoked, perfect nails for our birthday weekend!!!! I zipped to Dangerfield to get some... At $15 the price is right, unfortunate you can only get one manicure out of them, and they are wraps... I didn't process this until I was ready to apply them, they are foil stickers! They go on, and sort if stay on, but not for long... Not if you use your hands!!! 3 days in they are chipped, scratched and lifting at the edges... No good... At all... If you want fancy nails without having to have someone touch your hands (this is my biggest issue with mani's, even with my trusted beauty therapist, I just don't like it!), stick with tried and trusted brands...

As a side note, they did look good, for about a day... Personally I don't have time to be doing my nails every/every other day!

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