Sunday, October 28, 2012

La Soirée at the Forum in Melbourne October 27th

My ticket to La Soirée was a gift from my aunts for my birthday, The Forum is quite possibly my favourite venue in Melbourne, and I had good things about some of the acts... I was excited to say the least! We made a plan to go out for drag, drinks and dancing afterwards, but unfortunately my Aunty Doris, who was terminally ill, was in her last moments, so we cancelled and kept it as quiet as we could...

The Forum was set up as a little circus, we sat third row in hope that we didn't get roped in for audience participation of any sort! There were loads of brilliant acts, mostly obscure, quite like a super freaky circus, in the best possible way! Opening was Le Gateau Chocolat, who I just adore! He came back for more, which made me very happy... The English gents with the intense strength and balancing acts and later an act by each of them individually, one on a pole which was so hot!!! Ursula's famous magic hanky/striptease, which I wish Mark had have got to see, stripping AND magic!!! She ended up butt naked, which was a surprise! Captain Frodo the hilarious contortionist, I loved and hated this, too stressful to watch but couldn't look away!!! Gloria's fabulous stage debut - if you see it DO NOT volunteer to read for her! Bret Pfister who I just fell in love with, did some amazing aerial ballet to some 80's synth pop... Some of the acts were on twice, only one wasn't completely enthralling and I haven't detailed it here because I'm sure someone liked it!

Really it was awesome, completely unexpected and it's on for another few weeks, so book a ticket already!!!

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