Monday, October 8, 2012

Mama, mama, mama...

It's so funny that when you have a baby, you just can't wait to hear that baby call out your name 'mama'... I remember hearing other mothers with older babies saying that they want peace and quiet, I couldn't ever imagine wanting my baby (Marley was just a baby) to be quiet... Fast forward 3 years: Mace is obsessed with me, the minute I go to the loo, or prepare dinner, or someone else picks him up, it's 'mama, mama, mama...' Sometime I think he just likes the sound of it... He can, and does say loads of other words and word combinations, but Mama is his favourite by far... By the time Mark got home from work he had been chanting it for a couple hours, and did so all the way to bed time... Even kissing him goodnight, he was trying to climb on to me... And I finally get it, why Mum's want some peace and quiet, want a break from hearing their name... I look forward to yet another day of the Mama chant tomorrow, it doesn't feel so bad after a couple hours of mindless television!

The photo's are of my little crazies this morning... Starting to think about our Christmas card photo this year, have no idea how we are going to get them both in a good shot!

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