Saturday, October 20, 2012

Royal Melbourne Zoo and our birthdays!

While I got to celebrate my birthday yesterday, with my kids, my girlfriend Kelly (who made a chocolate mousse cake!), my mum and my aunt Michelle all visiting... In the afternoon I met up with my honey, we did some shopping in the city, met up with Cassie for a pre game drink then watched as Melbourne Victory win against Adelaide United!!! It was so nice to get the win and make the best if an already awesome day!

As always we went to the zoo to celebrate our birthday weekend... Mark and I got to sleep in until 7.30!!! Wake up, get kids, shower him with wonderful gifts and then go to the zoo... I am loving all of the 150 years banners at the Zoo, especially the ones from the 80's which I remember.. The new meerkat area at the front is lovely, glad they have two now because they are Marley's favourite... It was a chilly morning and a lot of the little monkeys and gorilla's weren't out yet, but most if the other animals were... Tigers roaring, butterflies landing on Mark's hand, seals splashing around, a great day at the zoo! Kids were exhausted, as were we... We still managed to go to Chadstone in the afternoon for a birthday shop! Our kids are awesome!

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