Friday, April 6, 2012

The walking dead season 2

I know that there were mixed reviews on season one, but I was sold from the get go... Season two gripped me from the start!
Definitely faster paced this season, felt like the story moved quickly, with enough character development to truly capture my mind... The zombies brought enough fear and suspense, they got me in to this show, but it is definitely the characters that will keep me watching... This show reminds me of Lost, which to me is a good thing... In an unprecedented situation how do humans cope? How do we survive when we don't have safety, laws, our families, homes, and can barely rely on what is left of humanity to save us? I love this type of story...
Was not impressed with losing two main characters in the last two episodes, but it looks like we will be getting more next season! While I was looking forward to some zombie free dreams, I have decided to mess that up and start reading The Walking Dead Compendium One that I bought Mark last year...

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