Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little boys Next linen chinos

People always comment on how much easier and more fun it is to dress little girls, I disagree with this... I take just as much joy in dressing both of my kids... I love shopping, choosing outfits, making sure that they look good and that what they are wearing reflects their personal style as well as being practical for the days events... It all sounds a bit much (probably) but for the most part I am a stay at home mum and if I am looking at my little humans all day, I like them to look cute!
Now winter has come, practically overnight, I have switched up their wardrobes and all of the new winter clothes are coming out... Unfortunately it feels as though boys either wear jeans, or tracksuits all winter long... I am not feeling the lack of choice... Jeans are just not comfortable enough for little ones crawling, walking and climbing... And while tracksuits certainly have their place, I just feel that there should be a super comfortable, but a little less casual option? Then I found it! At they have these cute, comfy linen/cotton blend chinos, which are perfect for my needs! I bought them (big fan of Next, quality, value and free shipping!) and they are perfect... Not heavy, durable, good fit! Am definitely going to buy some more... They aren't heavy for outdoor play in winter, but perfect for visiting, parties, going out for afternoon or morning tea!

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Kelly said...

Cute pants ;) Thanks for this, I just bought a dress for $37 delivered. :)