Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friends of the Zoo

The Royal Melbourne Zoo is one of our favourite places... Any time I am living in Melbourne, I get here a few times a year... Now we have kids we usually visit every few months... Because we are regulars we became Friends of the Zoo, it means you pay a flat rate and can visit any of the zoos including Werribee and Healesville, as much as you like...

A definite benefit of visiting a lot with small children means that we are always home in time for naps... Just checking whichever part of the zoo we feel at any visit... It has been brilliant watching each section be refurbed, so the animals quality of life is improved... Also makes it much more pleasurable to spend time there...

Anyways, we got our VIP Zoo lanyards in the mail today... Awesome idea, kids feel special wearing them and they have all of your contact details in case you do lose track of your little one! Makes me want to go back soon!!!

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