Monday, April 9, 2012

The Walking Dead Compendium One

I am going to start by saying I am completely and totally in deep with the television series... Reading the comic (the compendium is the equivalent of 48 comics-1088 pages, I read it in just over 24 hours) has just expanded on the show, each doubling the pleasure in the other...
The comic is far more intense... Some characters from the show are missing, while we are given other characters... They are absolutely fearless as writers, killing off important and main characters so effortlessly just to give the reader more insight to how easy it is to underestimate the walkers, and also into human nature...
I absolutely devoured the book... It was so heavy that my muscles ache from holding it for hours on end, putting it down only to parent!
If you like the show, zombies, comics, awesome characters, read it!!! Can't wait to get into the next one!!!

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