Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chesterfield Farm

Was looking for something fun and local to do with the kids on Good Friday... Emailed the farm and they said it was business as usual... Only $35 for a family of four, which I think is awesome value, entry to the farm and another dollar for some animal feed... There is a show on at 11, but we didn't want to stay until 12, so we just stayed for an hour and a half... You could easily get 2+ hours of fun here, especially if you were checking the show and going on the tractor ride...

Marley LOVED it, cuddling the goats, rabbits and pigs... Feeding (watching Daddy feed) the cows, horses, deer... It was really lovely, especially because it was such a beautiful day weather wise, nice to soak up the last of the sun before Autumn really kicks in! Mace was less impressed, hopefully by the time we go back he will be properly walking and get the animals a little more... On the plus side, he learnt the word goat!

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