Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hunger Games Film

It only just occurred to me that I didn't blog about the Hunger Games film earlier! I saw it opening weekend, Gold Class, thank heavens because it is quite long! Long but completely engrossing... The only indication that I had of time was when they brought me some churros, ordered for halfway through, I was gobsmacked as it didn't feel web close to what I thought halfway through would feel like!

I loved the film... As an encore to the book... I highly doubt that I would have enjoyed it as much, or even close, had I not read and loved the books... I think a whole lot of what makes the story awesome was left out! I know time is limited, and they did what they could with what they had, but it wouldn't have been enough for me if I didn't know everything else... I spoke at length with Mark (husband who hadn't read the books) afterwards about the story and he agreed that it lacked depth without the backstory... I have since started reading him the book aloud, as he won't read it on his own and waste precious reading time!

I enjoyed the cast, I had doubts about Peeta, still do a bit! But otherwise they did a great job... I didn't enjoy shaky cam, I get what the director was trying to do there, but it just made me feel a bit off... I don't get why there are outcries about the casting of Rue and Thresh (clearly black in the book), these people obviously didn't read he words in the book...

All in all it was a good experience, but not one I would recommend if you haven't read the books...

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