Monday, January 14, 2013

Walking Dead Omnibus Vol 4

No blogging for a bit as Mark and I spent the weekend in Tasmania watching the Melbourne Victory play Central Coast Mariners... There is quite a bit to say, but right now I am tired so I will just stick to the ever amazing Walking Dead graphic novel omnibus I just finished...

First, if you don't watch the show, you should! And if you like graphic novels (comics) you need to start this series! I did blog about it a while back, but I read the Compendium in a little over a day, over a thousand pages of scary joy! This was done over two days, but I didn't have Mark home to help with the tiny humans so it took longer, having sneaky reads!!! It was absolutely gripping, I am so attached to these characters, much more then in the TV show, it's exciting and at times terrifying to read... I'm not doing spoilers, but there is definitely a feeling of hope by the end, I just love the places it takes you, it is about so much more then zombies!

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