Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Green Street Hooligans

You may be surprised to know that despite loving football, a West Ham fan and Charlie Hunnam, I had never seen this film... Through the first 20 minutes I wondered why anyone had, Charlie's ridiculous east end accent, just couldn't get in to it, and then I did... Deeply, I actually had a teary toward the end... The film itself explores football hooligans at their worst, it can be hard to watch and confronting at times... But it's good, if you can get past a hobbit playing the lead and Charlie's terrible accent!

As much as I love football, the Australian football culture gets such a bad rep, when it honestly feels so safe... I have never felt unsafe at a game, but I certainly have at other sporting events and that's why I didn't go back... I feel blessed that a football rivalry over here doesn't equal bloodshed... I remember at the West Ham v Leeds match we went to in 2011, it felt extreme that we would be let out at different times and have a proper amount of police as an escort... In the Premier League there are decades and decades of history, and it had gone terribly for some people, I only hope that the A League doesn't go down that route... I love that it is, for the most part, a family safe environment and I look forward to taking the kids, once they can watch the full 90 minutes!

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