Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TWG Tea Vanilla and Bourbon Whoa!!!

I have become a big fan of tea over the past year, not English Breakfast tea, mostly chai and peppermint tea... I was given the TWG tea bag gift box for Christmas, today I ran out of chai tea bags and thought I would crack then open once I was over peppermint for the day... I was a bit suss in vanilla and bourbon, but this tea has blown me away!!! Just delightful going over your tongue, and a sweet delicate aftertaste... I don't think I have ever tasted such a luxurious tea before, so I did a search to look at replacing them when they are gone, they are $19.50 for 15 tea bags! You can taste it, and see it, it comes in cotton tea bags, they are beautiful, seems such a shame to throw them out! So if you have a spare twenty, or are lucky enough to be gifted these, drink them slowly, treasure the deliciousness!

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