Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Supper Inn

Supper Inn
15 Celestial Ave
9663 4759

Went to Supper Inn last night before the Sneakerhead event at Section 8... We cruised the whole of China Town before settling on the tried and tested... Went in as soon as it opened so it wasn't packed wall to wall as it is usually, but for some reason even with most of the tables empty they sat a family of 4 next to us, and without the overall chatter noises we could hear their conversation as if we were all on the same table... I know you don't go to the Supper Inn for the ambience and decor (it really is ugly), it just felt a bit much to be with this family...

To the food... I ordered the pork with seasonal vegetables, which was pretty damn good, the thicker pieces of pork were a bit dry, but otherwise it was good... Mark ordered the vegetables and fried rice, which he loved... Lucky, as there are very few vegetarian options... Especially as Mark is quite particular about what he will eat... To give testament to the food Mark agrees that he would go back knowing that he only has one option...

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Kym said...

I love Super Inn! Although I must say that it specialises in rice congee the most. :)