Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Classic

Mothers Day Classic

I only heard about this a couple of weeks before the event, and signed up a week prior... I really wanted to participate in this as my Nanna died of breast cancer when she was 50, the same age that my Mum was diagnosed... I moved mine and Mums mothers day breakfast to a lunch date so that I could register, I recruited Michelle, Seka and Tracey, and in a week managed to raise over $500... Next year I want to raise much much more... With 1 in 8 women in Australia being diagnosed, I don't think we as a nation can afford to not donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation...

It was a great day, there was an amazing energy in the air, as there would be with 30,000 people joining in the run and walk... There were stalls, and a stage with some well known figures from our community taking the stage to talk about their involvement in the classic... Julia Gillard spoke and participated, as did Kate Cebrano... Kate and her mate sung a little, but my interest was peaked at the warm up, thousands of people doing a warm up routine to some classic tunes, it was awesome... Eventually we were all called off to do the walk, it was crazy to see soooo many people doing it, mothers, fathers, children, people who had been diagnosed, people who had lost family, people who are supporting the charity and their friends and family even though they have been untouched by the illness... Finishing was awesome, just to have been involved was so great! Getting a medal was fantastic, everyone's a winner in the classic!

Seka, Michelle & Tracey
Seka, Corrie and Tracey
Kate Cebrano

The finish line!

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