Monday, May 12, 2008

Mexicali Rose

Mexicali Rose
103 Swan St
Richmond 3121 VIC
Phone: (03) 9429 5550

We have been here before and weren't that impressed with the food, even though everyone talks this place up big time... So I did some more research and was assured that if we ordered fajitas we would not regret it... Correct... I had the chicken and Mark had the char grilled vegetable fajitas, and they were goooood! I couldn't finish mine and ate more then I am designed to, these are big enough for two females... Mark cruised through his though... Cricket Mark and I shared a starter (the name escapes me), it was a cheesy fondue style dip and corn chips, it was yummy! So yes, for food, this place gets my approval this time, but the service was a drama...

We were there for crickets 30th birthday dinner so there were a few of us, we had a table in our own room, which I think added to the out of sight out of mind attitude of the staff... Mark had to hunt them down to take drink orders, and drinks took forever to get to our table... The food, when we finally got to order was quick in coming to the table though, which was a nice change to the overall service on the night... no photos of the food because you cant kill the mood of a party...

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