Saturday, May 24, 2008

AFL: Geelong v Collingwood: MCG

Geelong V Collingwood

So this was my first adult football game, and Marks first ever... I have a vague memory of going when I was 8 or so, but cant be sure of details... It wasn't as cold as I expected which was a pleasant surprise... Geelong members (of which we were seated with) were seriously outnumbered, though after winning 9 games in a row I at least expected to be dazzled by the close score... This was not to be... Geelong were slaughtered... I was however dazzled by the violence, so much tackling, body slamming etc... That kept me on the edge of my seat more then anything else... After our adventures with baseball and basketball in the US I was hoping to like it more, while it was quite entertaining (until the gap between scores became so wide I completely lost interest) I can't see it becoming a life choice... Big up to Dana and Trav for sorting us out with some dope seating, felt like we were on the field which was cool...

Trying the 'real' football next week Victory vs Juventus at Telstra Dome, maybe that will suck me in...

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