Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sneaker Freaks Swapmeet at Section 8

Sneaker Freaks Swapmeet
Section 8
27-29 Tattersalls Lane

Got there at around 6.30, almost immediately met Emma from SFF which was then my entertainment for the rest of the night! Some lovely kicks, but nothing in my size... Standouts on memphis' stand, wishing that Mark and I could swap feet sizes for a little bit! Waited for what seemed like an eternity for mafia to show with her bag of tricks, but unfortunately nothing for me... Still, a good night, good fun, and lots of eye candy... I love Section 8 in Summer and was truly surprised at how warm it was for a chily night...

Pics courtesy of mark563, more pics at www.runtheline.blogspot.com

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