Monday, May 12, 2008


36 Swan St
Richmond, 3121

I'm not really into bars, especially bars in Richmond after big AFL games, but months ago Cricket decided that this was where she wanted to go for her 30th birthday drinks... Lucky for us when we arrived it was quiet, we had our pick of spots to sit, starting in one of those cosy booths inside and once there were too many of us we moved to the outside undercover beer garden... Overall I really liked the aesthetics of this spot, it was really cosy, though as the people poured in I lost my taste for it... Lucky for us we had a massive area with tables outside which we claimed, so we weren't troubled too much by randoms... On the way to the bathroom and eventually leaving it was troublesome though, it would seem that this brand of civillian don't move when asked:
me: 'excuse me'
me: 'excuse me'
them: nothing
me: 'EXCUSE ME' push 'evil bitches'

It just shouldn't have to be that way... Oh well... Overall it was a good, if not a little early (mostly due to me having to get up at stupid o'clock for the mothers day classic) night... Great company, nice venue... Happy 30th Cricket!

Sonya, Cricket, Carolina

Corrie, Cricket, Silvia

Mark, Corrie, Tara, Cricket

Tara, Cricket and Tracey

Cricket, Tracey and Kelly

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