Monday, September 3, 2012

Mothers Group... Try it, you might like it!

I am not a fan of mandatory group activities, so dragging my butt to 'mothers group' with a 4 week old baby did not suit me at all... But I did it, and when the 6 weeks were up it was clear that we all didn't click and weren't going to move the group into our homes... I liked a couple of the girls, but there was no way I was inviting that group into my space! The maternal health nurse suggested the 'play group' linked to the community health centre, the leftovers of the groups from the last 6 months met there... I was not keen but hoped that there might be something good waiting across the car park in the community health centre...

Most of us went and in all, the room was full! I hated it and said to my friend from the first group that I wasn't keen, but still went back! As time went on, lots if women dropped off and there was a small group of us left, it was really nice... Good to have a group of women to talk about motherhood with, babies, development, first foods, all that, so I could talk about less child things to my non mum friends... Eventually everyone started going back to work and it dropped off even more... By this stage it was a really small group of women I really enjoyed and we moved it into our homes, the years have gone by (3.5 in fact) and I still see the first friend I made, weekly, a couple of the others at crèche, random play dates and birthdays, and our kids are all still in touch... Most of Marley's best friends are from mothers group, and I wonder whether she is drawn to them because she has known them her whole life?

I think that what I am saying is that you might not like mothers group, you might not click with everyone, but if you stick with it, you and your little one might just have an awesome time!

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