Sunday, September 30, 2012

Girls Day Out: the latest Tinkerbell movie at Village Cinema...

Marley saw an ad for Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings on one of the kids Foxtel channels... While we have watched many Tinkerbell films, I usually put then on so we can lay on the couch together and I can nap! So I have never seen an entire one... Even now while I watch, I also blog! Wishing I could sleep - cant get over the tiredness from Friday night!

I most wanted to tell you about the awesome kids box that they are doing for only $6! It has a small popcorn, juice box and some raspberry soft lollies... I noticed it said only for children's tickets, but asked if the dude could hook me up, not only did he hook me up, he gave me double the popcorn! Wooooo!

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