Monday, September 10, 2012

Boys and Girls...

When they said that I was having a little boy, my thoughts about little boys went into overdrive... Little loud, rough, rude, dirty boys... The idea did not float my boat... I was sure that having boys was a nurture issue and was determined to not have a boy that just wanted to play with cars... As time with my son has progressed, and I have read a little about the little boy phenomenon, it turns out that there is definitely a nature aspect... And regardless of my experience, I know that every child is different, this is about my little boy...

Mace is definitely different to Marley, in loads of ways... He is very into his gross motor skills, climbing and running everywhere, he just wants to be doing things all the time... Cars, dolls, animals, dinosaurs, singing, dancing, books, he really isn't too fussed which tub of toys comes out, as long as one does! He gets joy out of kisses and cuddles, but just as much out of wrestling or winding Marley up by doing a snatch and run of whatever toy she is currently holding, luckily she takes it in good humour... Today he was watching her standing, playing with a toy, he ran up to her, grabbed her waist and took her out while laughing maniacally! She thought it was hilarious, as did I, but I thought it was very well thought out and executed for a one year old! She is much bigger then him!

I guess my point is that maybe all little boys aren't dirty with terrible boundaries, but testosterone definitely changes what floats little boys boats!

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