Saturday, September 29, 2012

DAS EFX and Black Sheep at Prince of Wales 28.09.12

Probably the wrong title because there is much more to say then just a review of the show! In fact I have very little to say about the show... Bullet points...
- Maundz looked much more comfortable on the stage then the Hilltop Hoods show, I can officially see what the hype is about now... Might even listen to the album, at some point!
- Reason did a solid job as host, but that is absolutely to be expected
- Black Sheep/Dres was okay, dude has charisma and skills, but the track selection sucked
- DAS EFX was weird... I'm not sure why, but most of the show seemed to be about hype, but using other people obvious beats, and a LOT of talk and smoking weed... I care not for artists who get on stage and try to push an agenda... Sloppy lounge room style performance...

The high light for me was seeing a bunch of dudes we used to go out with, and it felt exactly as it used to... You wouldn't know that 4 years have passed... Everyone was just as warm and welcoming as they were when we saw them every other week! That was awesome... Have a few hip hop events coming up, feels good to see everyone again!

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