Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday afternoon baking...

It has been over a year since I have baked any delicious treats... Once I was in that itchy third trimester of pregnancy with Mace, I gave up on everything, baking included... I know that there are mums out there that cook, clean, bake, work part time, sew, just manage everything... I am not that mum, I manage work, a hot meal from scratch 5 nights a week and awesome children's entertainment... Cleaning/laundry is split with my husband and it is average at best... I'm not sure how these mums do it (Tania, I am talking to you!?!), but a woman I talk to on twitter was talking about baking and I remembered baking, I used to love it! Taking a bunch of raw ingredients and making food that brings a huge smile to my families faces!

Having a little downtime this afternoon, and a husband to look after the kids, I started to assess what ingredients I had that weren't out of date and just what I could make out of them... Biscuits it was, some ginger snaps and Choc chip cookies, that I made far too large! It felt really good to be making something from nothing and once cool enough, making my family smile with delight! If reading this is stirring up a lovely memory of sweet kitchen smells, do it! It doesn't take long, and doesn't have to be too messy!

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