Monday, May 21, 2012

Mistys Diner... Yumyumyum...

Sorry I haven't been around so much lately... My cousin is here from Cairns with her family, so it has been all about the fam lately! We took time out from the kids last night to go out for dinner at Mistys Diner with a dear friend I don't see enough of...

Mistys has become our date night dining spot, on the rare nights we get to go out for dinner, we love it there! It is heart attack on a plate food, but is damn good too! I usually have the western burger, when I find a good thing I tend to stick with it... Lately I have found myself unable to finish it, so tried something new last night, the meatball gourmet roll... It was freaking amazing, they gut the roll and fill it with delicious meatballs, cheese and their wicked smokey BBQ sauce, with a shared side of curly fries, it was exactly what I wanted! I have never out BBQ sauce with meatballs, but they are onto something there!!!

Topped off with a diet A&W root beer, yum! If you haven't been to Mistys, you need to go there!

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