Monday, May 28, 2012

Madame Flavour Sultry Chai Tea... Mmmm..

I am a Chai fiend... It is so delicious, especially in winter, I just adore it, just as much as I adore hot chocolate... As I started to consider the amount of calories I am consuming between the two each day (sick to death of the last bit of spare tyre, post Mace, that just won't go), and came the conclusion that I need to cut back... So this week I am not having any Chai sachets or hot chocolate to see if I can...

Doing my weekly grocery shop I cruised the Chai area and saw my delightful sachets, and the terrible Chai tea bags that leave an icky taste in my mouth, then I discovered a box of Madame Flavour Sultry Chai... I took a gamble (I often gamble on teas, and lose) and purchased... It's such a pretty box, I opened it and found a note, which touched my heart a little... Poured myself a cup with extremely low expectations and drank... It was good! Really good! Half the price of sachets, probably 10% of the calories, and most importantly, delicious... Love the cute little infuser bags, makes me feel like I could have made it myself...

If you are a Chai lover, I highly recommend these!

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