Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raising Boys (book) - Steve Biddulph

As you may or may not know, I have a 3 year old daughter, when she turned 2, I gave birth to her baby brother... I always thought that boys and girls were the same, it's all about nurture... And after a year of having baby Mace, I see now that I did have a point, but you can't argue with biology...

This book has helped greatly with refining my ideas and feelings about having a boy... Boys can be soft and sweet, as I type this on my iPhone, Mace sits on my lap playing with my hair and face singing along with some nursery rhymes, but Mace also has this soldier mentality, he likes to do things, climb up everything, throw himself around, get a bit more physics then I am used to with Marley... Raising Boys helped explain the biology and chemistry of boys so I better understand Mace's needs, and I feel that it is the sort of book I will return to as he grows and I need some guidance in guiding him... Not to say he can't enjoy his bubba, or his ponies, but his needs are varied!

There is a lot of talk about teenage boys in this book and I can see why... As a girl, there was always talk of 'becoming' a woman, and what that means, and I think boys need more of this, more talk about what it means to be a man... But I am sure there is plenty if time for that later, for now I will just enjoy my sweet, soft, robust, soldier baby!

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